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Reviewing my Art Fair experience

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Art in the Pen

14th -15th August 2021

So I have just got back from my show at Art in the Pen Skipton, exhausted but happy. This is my second show at Skipton and so I am still on a steep learning curve. This is coming up to my third year as an Artist, and although I still have a day job I consider myself a selling artist. That been said I am always looking for ways to improve my Art practice.

I didn’t sell as much of my Art as I would have hoped to, when other Artist around me had. so I have decided to re-evaluate the way I present my work and explore why my work didn’t sell as I would have wanted and to maybe come up with a strategy to help me improve my sales.

On my stand I showed examples of the full range of my work, so my portraits landscapes and my Dark curiosity illustration range.

And I think that this was maybe the issue.

I have been painting landscapes now for just over a year and my work is a little inconsistent, I am still looking for my own style, some works are looser than others although my subject matter remained the same it did look a little disjointed.

My portraits were consistent but they looked a little strange in a mass of landscapes and then I had my illustration range, which was totally different to both.

The painting that drew people in was a large landscape painting of Staithes and I is probably my best landscape work to date. This was the big

gest statement piece on my stand a piece to put above the fireplace and I could have sold it many times over.

Its human nature to check out other people’s exhibition stands and compare your work to theirs. The artists that did well, had consistent canvas sizes and frames and just one subject matter i.e. Landscapes.

So my plan of attack for my Landscapes,

· Go big!

· Keep my work style consistent

· Stick to the same subject matter

My stand needs to be:

Consistent – only show one type of subject matter

Simple, easy to read

Use a backdrop colour that makes my work pop

AS for my portrait and illustration range

, I aim on selling my aits through my gallery and my Dark curiosity I am giving etsy a go.

Although I did get a lot out of the show, having made new Artist friends. It is always good to meet the public and discuss art both their own and mine, which is why I will be returning next year.

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