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Have you ever thought about making a YouTube video?

Have you ever thought about making a YouTube video? Maybe to promote your business or just for fun. I recently began to think of YouTube more seriously and at the end of 2023 and made It one of my main goals to have at least 500 followers by the end of 2024.

Now this is a big ask, but aim high is what they say? Now I already have a channel and have a few videos already on there, some more successful than others, but my following stands at 21

As a tool for a business YouTube is an asset to have, reaching a global market, through tutorial videos seems like a no brainer. It is now January 2023 and I have decided to concentrate, the first quarter of the year into producing good quality content, that people will like, learn from and hopefully buy into my brand and start to follow me.

From this I hope that they will become interested and start to visit my website to find out more information about me, follow me on more social media sites, and begin to fall in love with my work.

Now I know it is not only my work that has to appeal, but also me, which is the most daunting part.

I am 54, soon to be 55 I now lack the appeal visually I once had, although I do want to show my face on the screen, I have to just relax and be myself.


So being a fan of YouTube myself I know what look I want to achieve, I have a good idea visually how I want to show off my brand (me) Now I am no technophobe, I will have a go at anything and I know my way around a lot of software, having spent 16 years in the graphics industry. But this is more filming and editing and lighting and sound, I was like a fish out of water. All that been said I also got a little buzz out of learning something new.

I am a huge film fan and I adore a cinemograph movie, one that is dripping in visual beauty, so evocative and moving. So how do I create a mood and atmosphere on a cold January day in a studio in Castleford?

To get to a good quality finished video, I realized that I needed better software than what I originally had. Having researched which was the best, easiest and cheapest editing software, I chose da Vinci editing software. This software is free yes, FREE!!  


My first video went well, I tried to create a mood, a feeling and I made an appearance. Having to film everything yourself is hard, but doable. The thing that was lacking though was my actual painting, I was too busy trying to do all the other things that my painting was pants. Lesson learned.

Close up of a tutorial oil  painting
Painting the eye tutorial

Video 2 would be all about my painting skills. I don’t know if this is a thing, but I actually get nervous at filming myself painting? I had a few bloopers while filming, including, not realizing that the camera wasn’t screwed in tight enough, and it was slowly unwinding, which meant that my whole painting surface was moving out of shot. I did keep this in the video though, I though it helped me feel more human.

I had no idea just how long the editing would take, this is a long job, hopefully it will become easier when I know my way around the software more? But I spent 2 whole days at the PC, it was hard but I think I have produced a good quality tutorial. I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of watching it ha, ha.

Oil painting of Reflections  in  Rothay River Ambleside
Rothay Bridge, Rothay River Ambleside

So, 2 videos in, and I am happy. I have promoted it everywhere, and intend to give it a boost on Facebook, even my google business page, now it is a waiting game.

By the end of April, I want to have produced at least another 3 good quality videos and I will review things then, maybe it will take a few years, who know?

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