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Hello and welcome to my tutorial page.

If like me you absolutely love painting in oils, you will have been scouring everywhere for tips and information about the subject. I have taken all that I have learnt on my journey as an Artist so far and created these tutorials to hopefully help you along your Art journey. I know you will find books and videos that totally contradict the way I do things, and that's fine, these are tutorials that I find works for me, at this moment in time. I say that because my own process is forever changing and developing. Hopefully it will inspire you and you can take away whatever is relevant to you.

I would love to hear from you, to see if what you read helped.


How to paint a portrait

underpainting in oil paints


How to prepare a 


A step by step video on painting a portrait on paper


A step by step video on painting a portrait on aluminium

Oil painting video


Transfer your drawing 

to a canvas

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