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Yes I do demonstrations. I paint a portrait in oils, which will take 2 - 3 hours. My work begins with a monochrome approach, this way I work out my tonal values and likeness as I go along. Colour is then slow introduced.

This demonstration is a good introduction to anyone unfamiliar with using oil paints and also portraiture. Dawn will guide the group through her process, explaining as she goes and dispelling any myths that oil paints hold. 

           " I  Would recommend that anyone give oil paint's a try, it is a truly forgiving medium and its application has  multiple approaches. Do not be scared of this wonderful medium"

Dawn is based in Castleford West Yorkshire and would be prepared to travel within a 20 miles radius for a price of £100. If your Art group goes beyond that then an additional fee would be added.

Call : 07715366896         Email

To get in touch either fill in the contact form below or email or phone.

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