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I have always sketched, painted observed and always had a fascination with Art, painting mainly. Not being very academic my only logical path was to utilize my creative skills.

My journey started at College and then university where I studied Print Making, (not fine Art) although I only completed 2 years of that degree. I still work as a 3D Graphic illustrator for a Playground company which I have done for the past 15 years. While there I gained a Degree with honours in Landscape Architecture, and so became a Landscape Architect. I have since reduced my hours of work to concentrate more on the ‘ART’


The Art started about 4 years ago when I just out of the blue decided to give oil paints a go, and I was instantly hooked.​

Working between portraits and landscapes, I was an absolute beginner, I read, I listened and I watched as well as painting constantly, trying to learn how to use oil paints.


I seem to have done quite a lot in a small space of time:


2018  - Appeared on TV as a wild card for Sky’s  

            Landscape Artist of the year


2019 - Exhibited Art in the Barn, Batley

         - Exhibited Art in the Pen Skipton

         - Appeared on the One show


2020 - Facilitated workshops at the Queens Mill Castleford

         - Selected to exhibit at Art & York as a raw talent


          - Selected to exhibit at Art in the Pen Skipton

          - Filmed my heat as a competitor on Sky’ Landscape

            Artist of the Year

          - Created a NHS Hero portrait

          -  Launched my Dark Curiosity Illustrations


2021 - Appeared in the local newspaper

         - Appeared on Sky’s Landscape Artist of the year