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Dawn Blatherwick Artist, Yorkshire Artist Original Art.

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I would say that I am a self-taught oil painter, although I do have a background in art, that was in print making and a lot of years before I picked up the paint brush and began painting in oils.

I often think that I have approached my life in a backwards fashion, not intentionally, it just happened. Art, creating and generally making stuff, was the only thing I was ever any good at and so from a young age it was always my ambition, (and my fathers also) to make a living out of something that brought me please and happiness.

So, I began a degree in print making, in a time when there was such a thing as polytechnic and mobile phones were a thing of the future. Two years into the degree I became pregnant and so left the course to raise my daughter, the choice not to return and finish the degree was wholly mine.  Two more children came along and a lot of years later, I began to paint. And this was the moment that my Art career began, at the age of 54.

The children no longer needed me and began one by one to leave the family home, that burden was released. After such a long break, I had a lot to catch up on, but I was totally and utterly absorbed in oil painting, spending every spare moment practicing, reading, watching, just absorbing myself in my new found passion.  At that point I had a job in graphics, I managed a small team, it was very stressful but the painting helped. In 2019 I dropped my hours to work part time, to spend more time pursuing my ambition to be a full-time working artist and in 2020 that’s exactly what I did.

Then we all know what happened next? A global pandemic around the corner, and my world domination in the Art world ground to a halt, well apart from my appearance on Landscape Artist of the year in 2021, which was filmed in 2020.

My work began with painting figures, I think it was the fact that painting a person is extremely difficult that drew me to doing it, I do love a challenge. But after my appearance on your show, I began to explore landscape work, and realized that that was also challenging, not in the same way as a figure, its more complex. A landscape, I feel holds a lot of instant emotion to the viewer, they can connect or disconnect in the blink of an eye. Dismissing what doesn’t resonate or be totally captivated, it’s a gut connection.

I am still on a long journey to discover what my actual style of painting is, I love to work very loose but also enjoy carrying it through to a highly rendered state, as I appreciate all ways of painting, its hard to choose one to actually stick to. Since my last appearance on your show, I have developed my way of working a lot, and my knowledge of oil paint and its application has improved dramatically.

I am and always have been a very emotive painter, and hopefully its that, that makes my work stand out from others




Dawn is a Yorkshire based oil painter; Her subject matter is mainly the human form, exploring emotional attachments to their surroundings.

In 2018 Dawn appeared as a wild card on Landscape Artist of the year and in 2021 made her way to a pod, where she made it to the last 3 in her heat.

LAOTY Wild card 2018




The One Show 2020




LAOTY God in her pod 2021




Portraits for NHS Hero's 2020




Selected for exhibition open art competition 2023




The Holly Bush emerging woman

painting prize 2022




The Self Portrait prize 2023




Magazine apperance 2023




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