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In April 2022 we were blessed with our first grandchild and we instantly fell head over heals in love with him. I started to document his growth mainly in my sketchbook using oils. Hopefully its something I will carry on doing.

Some pieces are available to watch on You tube

  • YouTube

 one of my paintings of Isaac has been 
selected to appear in the July edition of the Artist magazine.
I started to add images of my work to their online version of the magazine,  and I didn’t realize that there was a competition each month where the editor picks a winner from the Painters online gallery. 
So my little Isaac is famous (for a month) I must say that this is one of my favourite portraits I have done of him
I would encourage you all to go and look at their site, its full of interesting things and all free.

I have now painted quite a few portraits of him, and I have given a few to the family. 

I decided to start to record my process using YouTube, I now have my own channel. If you would like to see them follow the link. 

  • YouTube
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