My latest figurative work takes my inspiration from nature and how we interact with it, all available to buy at Art Original Gallery, Ridings Centre Wakefield.


This work will also be exhibited at Art in the Pen in Skipton this year, come and say hello!

As my work has improved my creative brain has also improved, been able to put my full attention to something has enabled me to start a brand-new body of work which I have called turn from nature. This work incorporates British animals that I incorporate with a figure. As you all know I love to put a narrative into my work and these combinations of figures and animals offer the viewer a chance to come up with their own thoughts and feelings.

I have always loved to challenge myself and adding animals into my series has meant I have had to learn how to paint fur and feathers, I created four small pieces to try and improve my skills. I have found that you have to work in layers building up the textures over each other to get a realistic effect.

I must say I am enjoying this body of work, and it is already evolving into something else, I can always see a progression with my work which offers me encouragement that I am on the right tracks.