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I came across bookplates and instantly wanted to use my Dark Curiosity Illustrations and create my own. I decided to create 3 in total, now I am aiming these three illustrations at children as I am about to become a Grandma for the first time and it is never far from my mind. I thought what a perfect gift to give a new child, my children have ( and still do ) love to read, I sat and read with them from an early age and I would love to give this gift to my new Grandchild.

I toyed around with a few designs but eventually came up with three that I was happy with.

Book plate 1.jpg
Book plate mergirl.jpg
Mum and daughter book plate.jpg

Along with these bookplates I also wanted to create a box to hold them in, something that if a child gets a new book they know exactly where to go to take ownership of their book. See the video below for a better idea of how it looks. These are available to buy in my etsy shop

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