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Welcome to my Dark Curiosity collection

I have always had a fascination for history, especially the Victorian era, they had a macabre outlook on life.  Taking photos of the dead was a pass timeout, also keeping objects in specimen jars. The Victorians loved curiosity cabinets that showed off their latest finds. Objects from around the world were on display, animals that had never been seen in Britain took pride of place, or a least their skulls did. 

My take on the curiosity cabinet is a little more sedate and hopefully a little bit more fun.


I now have a shop on Etsy :



I also wanted to share a few projects that I have created using my work. Did anyone used to love to create a scrapbook? or perhaps you never stopped? Well I used my work in my scrapbook and really enjoyed the experience, its great as a mindfulness tool too as the hours fly by.

New for 2022:

I have been working on a new collection, my work is evolving in front of my eyes. I have started to introduce a little colour within my work and started to use text more.




I came across bookplates quite by accident but fell in love with the concept. The idea is to create an ownership label for all your treasured books, ever loaned one out and never got it back? Well this way there will be no doubt of who owns what. Also these make great gifts for a new baby or a Childs first birthday, it encourages children to take pride and ownership in their books.

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