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Article in the local press

- January  2021

I made it into the local newspaper this week. Quite a strange feeling to see yourself in print but also a very proud one.


I have some very loyal followers who keep me inspired to paint and encourage me on my Art adventure.

To say 2020 was a year when not a l lot happened, when I look back I actually achieved a lot.


Fair to say that my Art and my family kept me strong through such a difficult year in all our lives.


Landscape Artist of the Year 2021

- January  2021

Remember way back in the summer of last year, when I told everyone that I had some exciting news? I can now tell you

I will be making an appearance on Sky's Landscape Artist of the Year

episode 4

The episode with my appearance will be aired on Wednesday 10th February at 8pm on Sky Arts and Freeview Channel 11

  I cannot reveal my place in the competition just that I appear

The program will be aired on the 13th January. But I'll update you when I know for certain.

I must say I am not looking forward to hearing myself speak, and will probably be watching from behind a cushion



- November 2020

Between the months of October and November, and before lockdown number 2, I decided I needed a bit of inspiration (and fresh air) so my husband and I went to Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire. When our family was a lot younger we would go a few times a year, but we haven’t visited in a while. It was autumn and the trees where looking splendid in all their beautiful autumn colours, I took loads of photographs and when I returned home, I started to paint...

It’s a huge change from portraits, trees are quite tricky and I am very pleased with what I produced. I am hoping that by the beginning of next year I will have enough work to sell them in a local gallery, Pomfret Gallery Pontefract


Unfortunatly my exhibition in York has had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. All very sad, but it will be taking place  into October 2021


Art & York

- October 2020

Dark Curiosity, Illustriations

- July 2020

  I have just introduced a  whole new set of illustrations, created in black ink.

I  have always had a fascination with history and especially the Victorian era. During the industrial revolution when everyone seemed to want invent anything, some weird and wonderful things were produced. This along with the more macabre side of Victorian Britain evolved into my Dark Curiosity range. And so I have focused a lot on specimen jars but with everyday Victorian scenes, afternoon tea, a daily stroll, but all with a quirky twist. 

Go to my shop and take a look

Art & York

- July 2020

I am counting down to my exhibition day in October, which seems like a long way away but it will be here before we know it!

My body of work is slowly coming together.

Being part of the RAW Talent group has given me 11 new friends that I can share the experience with.


Art & show at York Racecourse which runs from Friday 23rd October – Sunday 25th October, I will keep you up to date with my progress..

Exciting News

- June 2020

I have exciting news, but I am not allowed to share it with you :( 

I know I'm sorry too, but all will be reveled later on in the year.


Portrait for NHS Hero's Gerallt Davies 

- June 2020

So please meet Gerallt, an NHS hero who was a true hero, he gave his life to the dreaded COVID 19.

I must say I was very emotional while painting him and I actually found myself talking to him. I feel very proud to have painted this amazing man who will be remembered for years to come, by his family and friends and by the people who he worked along side for many years.

Hopefully this will be an happy reminder of a paramedic, a husband a Father and a friend.

Portrait for NHS Heros  - May 2020

I am very active on Instagram and I notice a Portrait Artist, Tom Croft was offering free portraits to NHS staff, his way of saying thank you, so I decided to get involved. I was paired with a man called Ed an ambulance driver who had recently lost one of his work colleagues and he was asking for a portrait of him.

I finally contacted Ed and he explained to me that the man I would be painting was an amazing gentleman called Gerallt Davies. He explained that he was the only paramedic in Wales to have died from coronavirus and that they would all love to honour him with a portrait.

I was absolutely blown away; I have kept myself away from harm staying home (as the government advised) and here was a man who had died while at work knowing what a danger, he was putting himself in.

I thought I needed a bit more information on him to get a better idea of his character and so I Googled his name, and my goodness Ed wasn’t lying, he was a true ledged he had an MBE for his services to the NHS. I found out he is the same age as me, he left two sons and a wife, he was obviously a really loved respected man.

I feel really honoured to be painting this amazing gentleman who I am sure if I would have met I would have like to have called him a friend.





Mary Panell  - April 2020

So although we are in lock-down and in the middle of a global pandemic, as the song says...The show must go on!

This is a selection of my work I am creating for my Raw York and Art which will (fingers and toes crossed) be happening in October this year.

This work is looking at a local legend in my home town of Castleford. She was a woman who lived in the 16th Century and her name was Mary Panell, she was said to be a witch and she was hung in York, and then her body burnt in Castleford. 

All this work is me exploring  a way to portray this woman and many like her in a way that isn't condescending or whimsically just trying to communicate how truly horrible it would have been to have been accused of being a witch.





Lock-down portraits  - April 2020

Following the success of my give away portrait sketches I wanted to offer the same to other people so while we are still in lockdown I am offering a portrait sketch at a discounted price.





Lock-down Portraits - April 2020

So Covid 19 has hit and a lot of people have been furloughed myself included and I was thinking of ways to cheer everyone up and I thought I know a competition, the winner will have a free portrait sketch on paper. So I ran this through Facebook and I had 11 people who entered with a photograph of themselves, and I thought well why don't I just paint all 11! that way everyone will have something to look forward to.

So each day I painted a quick sketch and posted it too my page and then posted out painting to the person who won.

I think everyone got a little bit of something out of this, myself included.




Covid 19 Coronavirus - March 2020

So Covid 19 has hit and we are in official lock down, everything is on hold! My dreams of a busy 2020 are hanging in the balance. Even my creativity has hit rock bottom as I cant even get any comfort from painting.  I hope that this horrible pandemic doesn't last too long but most importantly doesn't take too many lives.

Stay safe everyone.



Art in the Pen Skipton - March 2020

I am pleased to announce that I will be an exhibiter at Art in The Pen Skipton in August this year.

Come and say hello


Sketchbook - February 2020

So, as I have a busy year ahead I wanted a place to keep all my ideas and so I bought a sketch book. I always had them while at College and University and I know how valuable they are, this one is just portraits

(I intend to have a few) 




Art& Raw Talent - Febuary 2020

I recently applied to Art &  RAW Talent, this Award offers up to 12 newly emerging artists the opportunity to apply for a Subsidized Space at the show in October 2020 along with 6 months mentoring, support and advice.

I am please to say I was successful; the hard work starts now. With the help and guidance from my mentor I will be creating a new body of work for the Art & show at York Racecourse which runs from Friday 23rd October – Sunday 25th October, I will keep you up to date with my progress..

Link goes to my YouTube 



Latest portrait commission - January 2020


A recently finished commission for a husband for his wife's 50th Birthday. Painted on aluminium panel and A4 in size, unframed.

For more information click here

Portrait Artist 2021

So its that time of year again when I apply for Portrait Artist of the year. I did make an appearance on the 2018 Landscape Artist of the Year, but just as a wild card.

The one I really want to compete on is the Portrait Artist, so the entry is in and I will be anxiously waiting ....fingers crossed

Landscape Artist 2018

I have been invited to join in on the May Celebrations of the Queens Mill Castleford Heritage Trust, a true honour! Its their 20th year anniversary this year and they will be celebrating in style, inviting local artists and crafts people to demonstarate and pormote thier work.

The Mill will be celebrating the whole of May.

In January I held my first Workshop which was a great success, held over four days. We worked on a portrait in oils learning new techniques in oil paint. Some people had never painted in oil paints before, so it was nice to guide them through the process. Everything seemed to take something positive from the weekend, including me.



Queens Mill are having their 20th year Anniversary and they would like me to be an Artist in residence for a few days during the celebrations in May

January 2020 Workshops

Well I have a feeling it will be a busy year, my first exhibition is up (see below) and I will be hosting my first workshop, more news to follow on that.

This year I wanted to create workshops that offer the ability to have basic skills is sketching and drawing which is the basis of every truly great painting. You may have great rendering, painting techniques but if your portrait or Landscape isn't accurate it will always be a disappointing finished piece. 

I have created 4 courses 2 of which are drawing and only 1 day the other 2 are using oil paints which are set over 2 days. Oil paint is the medium I use and I would love to walk you through my process....

Oakwell Hall 2020

A small selection of my work will be up to view and buy from January 11th until, February 1st. I will be hanging a couple of originals this year with a few hand finished framed prints. 


It's a lovely place to visit with lots to do, click on the link to go to their website.

One Show Filming

The One Show contacted me about a video I put on Facebook showing the demolition of one of the towers at Ferrybridge Power Station. I mentioned that I grew up around the Power Station and that I recently finished a painting about my childhood around the area.

I will now be featured on the One Show in October when the next lot of demolition takes place along with the piece of Art I created.

Link goes to my YouTube 



The piece was aired on 31st October 2019 and I had quite a surreal moment of seeing and hearing myself.  It was a really good piece put together very sympathetically.  Unfortunately the piece that was related to it wasn't shown but  I was seen painting the Cooling Towers. A day to remember and a great experience.


Skipton  Art in the Pen Update  - Aug 2019

This was one of my first big Art Fairs and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Been the new kid on the block I expected to be well out of my depth but I held my own and sold a few pieces. The public seemed to appreciate my work and I had very good feed back they asked my advice on a number of occasions. Theres no doubt I will be attending the 2020 Fair.




From the 14th January 2019 - 01st February 2019 I will be attending Art in the Barn

Art Fair Skipton


July 9th and 10th 2019


I am proud to announce I will be exhibiting my work at

Art in the Pen in Skipton.