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Growing my Artists YouTube channel

Artist Vlog and painting tutorial
Scarborough Harbour Painting
Artists vlog and painting turorial
Filey Painting

Artist vlog and painting tutorial
Robin Hoods Bay Painting

Growing my Artist YouTube channel – 4 months in..

So, first off, I already had a YouTube channel, which was left redundant, and growing cobwebs. At the start of 2024 in January, I decided to try to actively grow my channel, why? To give myself and my business a chance to be seen by more and to hopefully drive more traffic to my website, and hopefully make more sales.

Now I visit You Tube daily, mostly to listen to music while I paint, or listen to podcasts, so I am aware of its format. I am very active on Instagram and Facebook and posted daily to both sites., so I am not a technophobe.

The thing with YouTube is that it is a very visual platform, but not still images (obviously) but video, so I had to decide what I would post, and I wanted the content to be of a good quality.

I have watched many tutorial videos on ‘how to paint’ and I have learnt a lot, but I wanted my videos to be more personal, for the viewer to understand why I paint what I paint, what inspired me. I decide on a vlog style, showing myself, talking about what I’m doing and why.

This all sounded incredible and I couldn’t wait to get started, I had a decent camera to film myself, I bought an arm to suspend the camera above my work to film the actual work, and I had a tripod (and my husband) to film me. The thing was I had nothing to edit with, up until now when editing any video, I had used Adobe Premiere rush, which comes with the adobe creative suite. It was very clunky and froze constantly, I needed another way to edit my work. So, I obviously asked You Tube, and found DaVinci Resolve 18.6 which is free and absolutely brilliant. The thing was I had no clue how to work it, so I began to learn. If you are going to go down the You Tube rabbit hole, I highly recommend this software, and if a 55-year-old woman can learn it, so can you!

My first video that I put out in January, was of a walk in the woods. I tried to create atmosphere and a feeling of place; I really enjoyed it from start to finish. The editing of the video took longer than the actual painting, as I was still getting used to the software, but it was fun to learn something new.

This video, as of today has 208 views which I am pretty happy with.

I then had the idea of touring the Yorkshire coastline, and painting what I saw in gouache, this is a far faster medium to work with, no drying time needed, but it was fairly new to me. I have visited 3 towns so far, and each video gets more likes and more followers.

In January I had 21 followers I now have 121 so 100 followers in 4 months, now I know its not 1000’s but it is a far faster growth than on Facebook or Instagram, these accounts have taken years to grow.

It feels that You Tube is a larger audience, it has a more global feeling too it. 4 months in, I am happy with the progress I am making, more visits to my website, more enquiries and a feeling of acceptance as an artist.

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