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How to end the day job and become a full time Artist

Welcome to 2022

I have exciting news that is life changing for me and my family. By the beginning of April, I will be working full time on my Art career. After 16 years of working in graphic illustration I will be hanging up my mouse and picking up my paint brush, full time, something I have only dare dream about for the last 4 years. With the amazing support from my husband, I am daring to go it alone. It’s a big deal for me as we still have to pay the bills each month and so I have to start thinking of my Art as a business more, each sale will be a sale that is needed.

So, pressure aside how am I going to do it?

I have three months to push myself into promoting me my and my work, that breaks down into 90 days, not much time, but Philia’s fog managed to get around the world in just 80 days so I’m going to give it my best shot. At the beginning of April, I want to have a lot of things in place to give myself a fighting chance at achieving a good living from my Art career.

For the past 4 years I have been concentrating on my ability as an Artist, learning pushing myself into being a capable oil painter, I am by no means anywhere near where I want to be but I am hoping that my Art will jump to a new level when I can spend all week painting.

So, the BIG plan.

1. Passive income

I have created a blog about having a passive income before and it is something I now want to pursue for real. My Dark Curiosity illustration range is what I will use for this and maybe prints of my work, I’m unsure as yet as I don’t know if my work will even sell. So, this is first on my list of things to do, get my Etsy store up and running before April, ASAP!

2. Teaching

I know I am no Michael Angelo but I feel I have a lot to offer for people who have a passion for painting as I do. I really enjoy teaching also the feedback I have had from my workshops have all been positive so it is something I would like to do again.

3. Demonstrations

Art groups have already been in touch with me about giving demonstrations and I have a few penciled in already. I must say I think I am up to these but I do get a little nervous thinking about it, its not people watching me as such, I guess its that I hope what I produce will be of a good enough quality, again just me adding pressure where it’s not needed.

4. Paint and promote

Paint, paint, paint… really practice and develop my work, this is the fun part the pleasurable part, I am only as good as my work is. Then promote myself by sharing videos of me at work, and promote my shop, my teaching and my demonstration skills.

5. Galleries

I already have my work in a few galleries but I would like to have more gallery representation, so as my work develops, I will approach other galleries too.

So that’s the big plan, I’ll keep you updated

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