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How do you choose Art for your home


I have recently had prints made of my Art work, choosing which ones to have printed was more difficult than you think. How do I make that choice? Obviously, I would pick the ones that had the most likes or positive feedback, but what about the ones that didn’t, the ones that I personally feel are my best work, but there isn’t much response from the public. Art is so personal, what you may like, what speaks to you as an image on social media you may not necessarily want to hang in your home.

But whether you are buying a mass-produced print from Amazon or something entirely unique from a local art show, the number of choices can be overwhelming. But at any budget, this is an important decision. After all, we live with our art. So how do you go about finding a piece that ultimately will become as integral to your home as your favorite sofa?

How do you choose Art work for your home?

Would it have to match your décor, do you see it purely as an accessory to your colour scheme?

Does it have to be on trend, and anything traditional would not sit well in your space.

Do you see Art as a projection of you?

Do you buy original Art or prints?

Is it an investment, to be passed on through the generations?

Hanging Art on your wall says a lot about you

Your choice of Art work reflects on you.

Do you know the Artist? if you find a piece of Art that speaks to you, do your research. You may discover more about the Art work and understand it better if you get to know who created it, making you become even more invested in the piece. Start to follow them on Instagram, this is an important platform for any artist, there shop window along with their website. This will be also something you can share with visitors to your home.

How do I know what’s on trend? I guess if you’re reading this, then you will have a passion for art and you will probably visit galleries and art shows. Have you ever walked around an Art fair and thought wow this artist work looks exactly like the one I saw a couple of rows back? Artist are influenced by artists; we poach and take on elements of other artists work which in turn get taken up by another artist who do the same and so art evolves and moves through trends.

Do you need to be on trend? The thing about art is, there is always something for everyone, why follow a trend, why not follow your heart? If its hanging in your home, be individualistic, make it a statement piece, and say this is me and this is what I like.

Trust your instincts

In short, buy something that you love to look at.

Art can brighten a room and brighten a mood make you want to be creative or reflective, just trust your gut, I guess it’s like falling in love, when you make that connection, you just know.

Being a creative person, I like images around me that stimulate me, visually and intellectually.

My home has not only my pieces hanging but other Artists, and it’s quite a mishmash of colours and scale and textures, (I know this would send shivers down some peoples backs) Each piece I buy is a personal response to that piece, I never take into account how it would look in my home, but how it makes me feel and the enjoyment I will get it from just looking at it.

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1 Comment

Mar 21, 2023

Hi Dawn , I absolutely love your work , I have 2 pieces of your work and I adore them , ❤️ wishing you lots of luck for the future ❤️ Herrington. 🩷


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