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My participation in Landscape Artist 2021

Updated: May 2

10th February 2021

Last night I made my appearance on Landscape Artist 2021 was aired, it was incredibly nerve wracking. Not what I actually produced, but seeing myself and hearing my broad Yorkshire accent (which I am very proud to have) The thing was I had no idea what would be put out, and I couldn’t remember half of what I had said because it was filmed in July 2020.

The day of filming was an early start, the day was drizzly and a bit cold. Filming started quite quickly, doing our walking in shots. I was paired with Clare a fellow contestant and a painter in oils like myself. We were chatting away while been filmed, and we both forgot all about the fact that we had been miked up.

“I much prefer portraits to landscapes” I said and Clare agreed with me. The man directing us (I presume the director?) had a word or two to say to us about talking about portraits whilst in a landscape competition

“I feel like I’ve had a telling off” I said to Clare and she agreed, we laughed. That put me at ease and from that point on the nerves had gone.

We had endless interviews most of which never made it to the show.

It really was a great day, the crew were incredibly friendly even though you couldn’t move without a camera in your face.

I mentioned to one of the production staff that I was once a wild card, and that when we were sat painting in the wind and the rain (the wild cards) that the ones in the distance in their pods looked almost god like, and so we joked about the gods in their pods.

The next thing I know is that Stephen is entering my pod and asking me all about it. He was great fun, both on the camera and off, we joked about our surnames, and I said well my excuse was that I married it!

He interviewed me the last time I was on, as a wild card, which was his first series with the team. So when I was watching 'my' episode, I come on saying I was a god in a pod! Oh well I stand by it!

We were plonked right in front of this beautiful yellow house, there was no getting away from the fact, that they wanted us to paint it. I looked at it a long time, and I was opposite the front door with no greenery either side so I thought right, full on image of the house it is. I didn't want to go full on with the detail to just show light touches of it. If I would have had enough time I would have let it dry and then worked back over it again, but 4 hours was all I had.

I was selected to the last three, I was gobsmacked! The last three comprised of me, Clare, an oil painter and Rory a screen printer. I knew Clare was the one to beat, and her work is incredible.

Clare got through, it was all over but I was glad to lose to a talented Artist who was also a lovely lady

The parts I will always remember will be being around fellow artist who have a passion for painting and Art, I was interviewed by Tai who I respect greatly, and being a fellow artist we were able to chat about everything “Arty”.

It was a shame that it happened during the pandemic, Joan was well protected and I never got to meet her, everyone made the most of it, but I'm sure it would have been a different experience had it not been so.

A great day, and who knows I may get further next time, as I’ve already applied, for Landscape and Portrait Artist of the Year, fingers and toes crossed.

This was my finished painting, whilst o the show
West Wycombe Hall

The nerve wracking moment, that we found out the results of the first round
The line up

My chat with Stephen

A reference made whilst chatting with Stephen
The God in her pod

This is the very start of the day, and I am assessing my view
Before the cameras started to roll

Postcards I had printed, a nice memory

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